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Huizhou JD-power Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful industrial city of Huizhou,Guangdong,China.As a professional manufacturer,we always focus on the research and production of various brushless DC motor.Huizhou JD-power Technology Co.,Ltd is located in Huizhou city of the pearl river delta region which have convenient transportation and developed economic,adjacent to Shenzhen,Hongkong and Macao.

Our company is specialized in the development and production of brushless dc motor.In the past few years, we have successfully developed the following series motor:flat outrunner MY series,servo flat outrunner MYH series,inrunner slotless coreless MC series,drone/UAV MD series,electric brushless dc motor MCF series for convenient transportation tools and electric tools etc.,which are mainly applied to photographic equipment(stabilizer and follow focus),photoelectric products(rotating LED display),intelligent robot mechanical arm,precision instruments(medical and biochemistry equipment),industrial drone,unmanned aerial vehicle,underwater robot, FPV racing drone,electric tools,convenient transportation tools,home appliances,automotive electronics (scanning radar ) etc.Our products have been trusted and widely praised by customers with full range of product models,professional customization services,high quality,stable performance and low repair rate.

Since 2014,our company has accumulated rich experience in R&D and production through continuously innovating products, optimizing the production process and improving product quality management,So far our products have achieved a number of technology patents.
We always uphold the principle of integrity management,constantly innovate and optimize each production process,strictly control the quality of each motor,dedicated to providing customers with the most professional customization services and reliable high quality products.

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We will focus on the R&D and production of brushless dc motor ,always take the market demand as the guidance, continuous innovation,take customer satisfaction as the starting point, focus on product quality and performance,uphold the principle of good faith management and steady development , strive to build a trustworthy brand cross the century.

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Huizhou JD-power Technology Co.,Ltd

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